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(posted on 1 Oct 2012)

October, 2012

My friend Diane & I went to the “Owl Prowl” held by the North Fork Audubon Society on the evening of October 27th. Our group saw two great horned owls who stayed nearby calling out for some time before flying off. Quietly standing on the trail in the presence of these magnificent owls was very special. In the dark, I was grinning ear-to-ear, so happy to be there!

Before the walk in the woods, Tom Damiani gave an informative presentation & slideshow about the owls that can be seen here on Long Island. There was a large turnout of young children for the event. It was great to see their interest in the owls, as they will be the future caretakers of all in nature.

Tom Damiani and Paul Stoutenburg led the eager participants for the prowl. Thank you to the North Fork Audubon Society!