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(posted on 10 Feb 2013)

Today it is bitter cold and also still duck hunting season - two reasons I have not been out on the river. I've decided to revisit some of my old journal entries from times spent in my kayak & to share them here with anyone who might wish to read them.

When I am taking photos from in my kayak there is a far larger experience going on. The

camera cannot capture the geese honking or the fish splashing out of the surface of the

water, the tern that dives right next to me to fetch a meal and even the bugs that are making

a feast out of me while I stay perfectly still on the riverbank to catch a photo.

This was a beautiful, foggy morning.


(The photos I take are not the kind you’ll find in photography magazines, where the subject

is sharply focused & perfectly positioned with the catchlight in its eye but it does not

matter – the process is its own reward!)